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Changing or Renewing Your Plan

You may change the details of your subscription anytime until the last 14 days of your current plan.


Change the bucket SIZE: from MINI to STANDARD

UPGRADE your plan:

  • From ROOKIE (3 months) to ENTHUSIAST (6 months)
  • From ROOKIE (3 months) to HERO (12 months)
  • From ENTHUSIAST (6 months) to HERO (12 months)

The changes you've made will be applied to the next month’s cycle and will be pro-rated based on your current account

Any DOWNGRADE will be applied to your next subscription:

  • From STANDARD bucket to MINI bucket
  • From HERO (12 months) to ENTHUSIAST (6 months)
  • From HERO (12 months) to ROOKIE (3 months)
  • From ENTHUSIAST (6 months) to ROOKIE (3 months)


If you don't make any changes in your plan, it will auto-renew to the same plan details.

You may view any payment due by going to MY ACCOUNT > BILLS AND PAYMENTS > BILLING HISTORY

Payment Options

Online payment is available through PayMongo or you may upload your proof of payment if you choose to pay through alternative options such as bank transfer, GCash, or PayMaya.

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Bucket on Demand (BOD)

What is Bucket on Demand?

All household subscribers are provided 2 composting buckets upon subscription. Households exchange their bucket from a weekly to a monthly basis depending on how quickly their buckets become full which is driven by their household size.

There will be times when you have more food waste than usual - whether cooking extra for a family gathering or maybe for some family celebrations in which case your 2 buckets are not enough for the month - you can request for extra buckets.