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Your Guide to Book-A-Bucket

Subscribe to the Green Space Book-a-Bucket composting service and we'll do the composting for you! You COLLECT. We COMPOST!

How do I subscribe?

Choose a Plan

[YOU ARE HERE] 📍 Through the SoilMate app, choose one out of FOUR subscription plans that will best suit you:

  • SoilMate Rookie - The 3-Month Rookie Subscription is perfect for those trying out composting for the first time.
  • SoilMate Enthusiast - Getting the hang of it? Choose the 6-month subscription!
  • SoilMate Hero - Fully commit to a lifestyle that greatly helps Mother Earth through a 12-month subscription.
  • SoilMate Flex - Opt for a FLEXible plan where you may Book-A-Bucket exchange ANYTIME within the 12-month subscription period.

Image says "Find the Soilmate Plan for you!" and shows a chart of pricing of the different subscription tiers available

Choose a Bucket Size

It will always depend on the amount and kind of food you prepare and eat daily. Green Space offers 2 size options: the Standard Composting Bucket and Mini Composting Bucket.

Standard Composting Bucket (20L)

  • Diameter: 300mm | Height: 405mm
  • On average, a household of 4 will fill up one standard (20L) bucket which can hold 10-12kgs of food waste in 2 weeks time.

Mini Composting Bucket (16L)

  • Diameter: 300mm | Height: 332mm
  • A smaller household can choose the mini bucket (16L) which can hold 8-10 kgs of food waste.

Choose how many buckets you will exchange

How quickly you fill up your bucket and need to exchange depends on the size of your household. If you’re unsure, you can always start with a solo plan and upgrade to add more exchanges based on your needs!

  • SOLO (1 bucket per month)
  • DUO (2 buckets per month)
  • TRIO (3 buckets per month)
  • SQUAD (4 buckets per month)

Image of 2 composting buckets of different sizes, standard 20 liters and mini 16 liters.

Getting Started

Green Space will deliver to you your initial TWO (2) buckets and TWO (2) jars of Bokashi bran. You will receive your Bokashi Composting Manual via email or you may access the Resources page in the SoilMate app to read helpful articles!

How do I exchange?

Once your compost bucket is full, you can exchange it for a clean, empty bucket with us so you can continue collecting your food waste at home. Every bucket exchange also includes bran replenishment. There will always be enough clean and ready-to-use compost buckets for all subscribers.

Preparing for an exchange

  • Once your bucket is full, make sure that it is tightly sealed and keep it in a dry and warm area, away from direct sunlight. Continue collecting your food waste using your second bucket.
  • Once your bucket is full, make sure that it is tightly sealed and keep it in a dry and warm area, away from direct sunlight. Continue collecting your food waste using your second bucket.
  • On the day of the exchange, get your full bucket and empty Bokashi jar ready. We will be taking your full compost bucket and your empty Bokashi jar, and we will leave behind a set of a clean compost bucket and a replenished jar of Bokashi bran.
  • If you require additional bucket exchanges, add your desired quantity under Bucket-on-Demand in the Book-a-Bucket page (PhP200.00 per bucket exchange).

Exchange Schedule

  • Head to the Book-a-Bucket page in the SoilMate app to schedule an exchange.
  • Saturday for Makati, Mandaluyong, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Pateros, Taguig;
  • Sunday for Marikina, Manila, Quezon City, San Juan
  • You may choose the closest Saturday/Sunday or any preferred Saturday/Sunday as long as you don’t run out of buckets.

💰 All prices indicated are VAT inclusive.

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